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Research Centre


Composites ID is primarily a research center specializing in the study and development of high-performance materials for the construction industry. In his laboratory has sophisticated equipment to the design and control of the materials he works with.

At the same time, developing R & D + i for different companies as well as national and international publications. Composites made ​​ID QA work, sampling of materials and technical assistance. Always striving to offer our customers the most appropriate optimization of the resources available.

The Composites ID Research Center has participated in the last year in proyects of very high performance concrete towers for wind turbines, micro-concrete walls for the recovery of dams and airport hubs, thixotropic sprayed concretes of different colors (designed with spectrophotometer). In the composites subject has achieved adhere carbon fiber strips into very complex as polyethylenes or very old pipes of concrete or steel. Epoxy mortars also designed very high ductility and durability to ultraviolet radiation and fatigue.
Composites have special equipment to evaluate performance of complex materials such as durability or composition most suitable pair of components for maximum performance at the lowest cost.

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  • One of the main tasks of the laboratory is auscultation, diagnosis and pathology study of the structural elements.
  • Focusing the work in finding the most suitable materials for correcting the problems turned-time; carbonation, oxidation, etc.. Repair and consequent structural element.
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COMPOSITES ID is a private research center specializing in the design, study and application of high-performance materials for construction. Born in 1999, under the philosophy of research, development and innovation.

Composites ID is a company dedicated to the execution of special projects wing in the construction sector.
It has a Research and Innovation Center recognized nationally and internationally.
Among its goals is the certification and testing of materials for use in the actual work (innovation)
In 2011, Composites ID has consumed the order of 30 tons of epoxy injections of dams and repair of concrete structures, especially airside airport facilities.

Composites ID develops work advice to companies and public and private institutions is always looking to get the objectives, optimizing technical and scientific resources that use.